Welcome to Lise Foods!

We are a fruit & vegetable importer and trader specialized in exotics. We import from South America, Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, and the Far East. Our clients are based in Europe the US and Canada. Beside exotics we also trade in African and other ethnic food stuffs. Beside ethnic products, we also deliver traditional European fruits and vegetables.

Our office is situated at the Freshport Rijnmond in Barendrecht at the south leg of Rotterdam harbor. Freshport Rijnmond is remotely the largest cluster of fruits and vegetables trading areas in Western Europe.

Postbus 84170  
3009 CD Rotterdam  
The Netherlands  

Phone: +31 (6) 166 249 62  
Fax: +31 (0) 8778 48747  
E-mail: info@lisefoods.nl